Note: This site is no longer active as of 2008, when the Council of Pie closed down, so this site has been left up for historical purposes only.

This site is for communication between the different sects of Pieism. There will be one representive from each different Pieism sect eventually when everyone joins but for now there's just me, the JoJo, Captain Pie Master from New Sacred Text a la Mode, Fred Fred Burger from the Church of Pie and the High Druid from the Cult of Pie. When a sect leader joins they will become a co-author of this blog so they can make posts as well then if everyone posts and checks here communication will be much easier. So if your a leader of Pieism please e-mail at and make a blogger account if you don't already have one.

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JoJo Pieism,
New Sacred Text a la Mode,
Church of Pie,
Cult of Pie,

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Holy Church of Pie,
International of Pie,
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Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Note for Historic Purposes

Unfortunately, as the three members of the Union have now started using e-mail and Fred Fred Burger has gone, the Council of Pie has become defunct. Although it still technically exists at the time of writing, it is no longer in use, over taken by alternitives, rather like the Federation of Pie being overtaken by the Great Religon of Pieism.

Thursday, 9 August 2007

New President JoJo

The elections went smoothly, the votes were as follows:

JoJo: JoJo
Capt. PM: JoJo
H. Druid: JoJo
F.F. Burger: None

So it looks like I'm President of the Council! Sorry Fred Fred Burger but even if you had voted it wouldn't make any difference, there's always next year anyway!

And thanks to all those who voted me, not just sect leaders but the sect members who supported their leaders decisions!

Monday, 6 August 2007

High Druid's Vote (Jojo)

Yes, I'm voting for Jojo too. Not because I'm subservient to him or anything but he did found this blog so he deserves to be president, at least for the first year. I agree with Capt. PM, if we all voted for ourselves we would get nowhere ( I don't know why I supported it in the earlier discussions).

Monday, 30 July 2007

Captain PM's Vote (JoJo)

I have thought much and I have decieded to vote JoJo as President. He IS one of the greatest Pieists of all time and he DID found the Council of Pie. He is also admin of this blog so its fitting he gets to rule it. Plus he is allied to my sect and we won't get anywhere if we all vote for ourselves. ( I know JoJo voted himself but who cares anyway?

Sunday, 29 July 2007

JoJo's Vote (JoJo)

I vote myself because I'm a very active Pieist, I founded the Council of Pie myself and I have good relations with most sects. My sect is one of the largest and greatest ever and I'm almost certainly the biggest single figure Pieism has ever seen.

Come on, you all know its true ;)

President of the Council!

While we were making the Alliance both the Cult and the Mode asked for a leader of the Council of Pie and after much thinking I have decided to go ahead. The rules are listed below:

i: The Leader is "President" and shall reign for a year.

ii. This year the elections will be from the 29th July to the 8th of August.

iii. Each member sect (not individual member) gets one vote ONLY.

iv. Sects CAN vote for their own leader if they desire.

v. President will just be symbolic role with little real power.

New Alliance of Protection!

JoJo Pieism, New STALM and the Cult of Pie have signed an agreement to protect each others existence. The "Treaty of Protection" is as follows:

i. All signatories will protect the existence of all other sects in the agreement.

ii. All signatories will accept the "aspects theory", focusing on ALL sects are right.

iii. All signatories will help resuscitate "dead" sects and try to find new leaders or members to preserve it's existence.

iv. All signatories will keep alive the memory of a dead sect if the sect can not be brought back.

Signed by

"His Holiness The JoJo, Pie Incarnate, Master and Founder of JoJo Pieism, Member of the Council of Pie" for JoJo Pieism

"Pie Master, Captain and Re-Founder of the New Sacred Text a la Mode, Claimant on TAUOP, Member of the Council of Pie" for the New Sacred Text a la Mode.

"High Druid of the Cult of Pie and Member of the Council of Pie" for the Cult of Pie.